Weigh in


On both competition days, weighing will be possible from 07:30 am onwards, The first match will start at 09:00 am.
One week prior to the start of the tournament every club will receive their relevant weighing and starting time.

Weigh in rules

Every participant will be weighed obligatory on the day of the tournament and must present a valid Judo federation passport as well as a valid membership card or id/passport. Every participant can be weighted twice during the weigh in. The weight on the second weighting will be valid. When the actual weight does not meet the declared weight category(+100 grams) the participant will be registered to another weight category.

For judokas U17(2003,2004,2005) it is possible to weigh on Friday 13 December 2019 between 19:00 – 20:00 pm.
Judokas in the categories -10, -12, -15, +17 can weigh on Saturday 14 December 2019 between 16:00 uur and 17:00 pm.

Random weight checks with the same rules as the official weigh-in can be organized before the first fights in the morning of the competition. The weight of the athlete cannot be more than 5% higher (without Judogi) than the official maximum weight limit of the category.

Weight changes

Any changes in the previous registered weight can be reported free of charge before 20:00 hrs December 8, 2019 by email to the following email address: inschrijvingen@opentwentsjudokampioenschap.nl

An amount of € 5.00 will be charged for any weight changes on the day of tournament.


Judokas registered for the tournament who cannot submit a valid Judo Federation passport as well as a valid membership card, or whose passport data do not match the registered data, will be excluded from participation.