Weigh in

Weigh in rules

Every participant will be weighed obligatory on the day of the tournament and must present a valid judo membership card and id/passport. Every participant can weigh twice during the weigh in. The maximum weight excess is 200 grams. There’s an extra weighing possibility the evening before gameday:

    • For judokas -17 on Friday between 18:00 – 19:00
    • For judokas -12, -15 and +17 on Saturday between 16:00 – 17:00

Random weight checks can take place on the day of the tournament, where a 5% allowance applies. When weighing on the day before, the possibility to weigh on the day of tournament expires.

Weight changes

Any changes in the previous registered weight can be reported free of charge until December 3th 2024 by email to the following email address: inschrijvingen@opentwentsjudokampioenschap.nl
An amount of € 5,00 will be charged for any weight changes on the day of tournament.


Judokas registered for the tournament who cannot submit a valid Judo Federation passport as well as a valid membership card, or whose passport data do not match the registered data, will be excluded from participation.

Weigh-in times

All weigh-in times of the 2024 edition have not been announced yet. If available, they will be published on this page.